High degree of design and craftsmanship characterises the 2019 furniture collection from Edsbyn

Written by Fashion Tales

A strong tradition of craftsmanship permeates the 2019 collection of the Swedish furniture company Edsbyn. This year, Edsbyn is presenting an updated and revised collection of furniture by renowned designers such as Jens Fager, TEA and Andreas Engesvik, Oslo. The collection includes a number of new pieces of furniture in varying design languages, brought together by a high degree of craftsmanship. A stool, a table, an updated storage series and a sofa are found among the new products for 2019.

– Since Edsbyn was founded in 1899, craftsmanship and respect for the raw material have been our top priorities, along with creating durable design with a soul, and never compromising at any stage of production, says Sofia Leanders, Marketing Manager, Edsbyn.

– For the 2019 collection, we worked with Jens Fager, Andreas Engesvik and TEA, resulting in three pieces of furniture with a solid, elegant expression thanks to clean lines and a clear-cut design that is also exciting and inviting at the same time, she continues.

Edsbyn works with Scandinavian designers and develops furniture in a strong craft tradition that stretches back more than a hundred years. The new pieces for 2019 speak the unmistakable design language of Jens Fager, Andreas Engesvik and TEA, brought together by Edsbyn’s high degree of craftsmanship.

A solid wooden stool with a Nordic expression for Nationalmuseum

Designer Jens Fager has received widespread attention, not only in his home
country of Sweden, but across Europe, for his people-focused approach to design. He imbues his products with a sense of humour and poetry, while striving to find each product’s central function. In collaboration with Edsbyn, Jens designed the Arc Stool for the re-opening of the Nationalmuseum in autumn 2018. Arc Stool is a solid wooden stool with a characteristically Nordic design. The elegant lines and curves of the seat are borrowed right from the Swedish Nationalmuseum’s architectural style. The masterfully turned legs and foot rest lend the stool its finer details, reflecting Jens Fager’s deep respect for the wood.

Material and dimensions: in accordance with standard range or by special order
Rec. retail price from: SEK 4 700 incl. VAT
For information on retailers, please visit: edsbyn.com

A tasteful, contemporary sofa from Andreas Engesvik, Oslo

The award-winning Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik is known for his
contemporary Scandinavian design. For Edsbyn’s 2019 collection, he and his
studio created a trim, elegant sofa with soft lines and practical functionality. Clair
Café Sofa blurs the lines between the private and public space. The
straightforward contours of the sofa and the practical, aesthetic gap between the
back and seat, make it both easy to maintain and easy to place.

Material and dimensions: in accordance with standard range or by special order
Rec. retail price from: SEK 19 875 incl. VAT
For information on retailers, please visit: edsbyn.com

Through Norrland roots, art and science become design

Edsbyn joined forces with Thomas Eriksson Architects, shortened to TEA, to
create a streamlined, airy storage series and a table with attitude. The Neat
family has a graphic look and feel, and is designed to streamline elements and
material. The trim base and doors make Neat easy to place in a wide-variety of
spaces. Piece Table is available in a number of heights, making it perfect as a
dining or work table. Piece Table can now be combined with the new Piece
Serve, a recessed holder in the middle of the table that serves as storage, a
planter or ice bucket. TEA draws great inspiration from their Norrland roots,
exploring the intersection of art and science in their design.

Material and dimensions: standard range or by special order
Neat Green – Rec. retail price from: SEK 6 188 incl. VAT
Piece Serve – Rec. retail price from: SEK 2 225 incl. VAT
For information on retailers, please visit: edsbyn.com

Edsbyn has had a strong craft tradition since the very start in 1899. It all began with a skilled craftsman and a little carpentry shop in Hälsingland, the heart of Sweden’s forest country, more specifically in the rural village of Edsbyn. With an innate respect for the raw material and a goal to make use of wood waste, Edsbyn started to craft Windsor chairs. Production really took off in 1953, after Illmari Tapiovaara, a Finnish architect, designed the Fanette Windsor chair for Edsbyn. Today, Edsbyn, in collaboration with leading Scandinavian architects, delivers high quality design for companies, organisations and public spaces.