This is Vesper’s favorite book at the moment, wanted to tell you about it in case you might have a one year old boo at home. It’s very simple, almost no text and beautiful illustrations of animals. We bought it at the kids book store by Mariatorget, Bokslukaren. Such a lovely store. If we happen to be in Mariatorget we always go there and buy something. Vesper just love books! I’ve actually taken away most go her toys since she doesn’t play with them anymore. I guess that happen to most kids, they get tired of their stuff pretty quickly. So nowadays we pretty much only have books laying around on the floor. Most of the time if we’re at home, she walks around looking at things in the apartment, so much more interesting than playing with your toys… :)
Today we’re meeting up with Idris and Pari for a cinnamon bun in the sun!

Love, Michaela Widergren