Feeling inspired. Ran some errands today to acquire some .925 Ag (sterling silver) - mostly excited to melt this down and cast some tears. I am thinking of ways to grow, to extend my heart and to live the life that are according to my own standards. 

When I confront the very real anxieties of being a young black woman and it’s very real metaphysical dilemma of the burning that resides on my face and the Sahara desert that lives on my tongue. I found solace in the vision that I live to manifest. 

I live for it like breathing, however there are unidentified bodies, like ghosts made of matter sucking breath like a newborn nursing from it’s mothers’ breast.

Now The Vision is to live life according to aesthetics.

To live life according to the spirit that is the marrow of my bones. I wish to transform this spirit of healing into matter, into talismans, fragrances, hand bags that you carry, utensils that adorn our place settings with fare that takes the place of medicine or the furniture that fill our temples.

All in hope for a more beautiful, a more fulfilling life, to even be the source for others to manufacture the same.

Love, Karissma Yve