There's something divinely alchemical in what I do. It's amazing because like myself, my work is ever evolving. Never an easy process, especially when you've risked everything such as I have, to do what you love. Never mind if the work is any good, but god dammit isn't it good. For the first time ever I've evolved from a young bright eyed dreamer to an artist/business woman/alchemist/high priestess. And the truth is, I am ever evolving. When I accept that when there will be major lows, there will be major highs - I will be good.

My creations for XENOPHORA has evolved a great deal, in a way that I'm extremely excited about. I've utilized new-ish technologies such as stereolithography rapid prototyping to 3D print the typography of tears… fucking, tears. The one pictured is the Tears of Those Yearning for Liberation. As I paced back and forth in this concrete fortress of mine (see XENOPHORA Showroom) surrounded by silver, gold and bronze objects that are embedded with my fingerprints I think of all the Tears shed in those times that I just yearned to be free. To be free from suffering caused by systemic familial (and societal) conditioning, from others opinions and ideals of me, free from judgement, free from my own self deprecating thoughts, free from the “bitch, who do you think you are”. The notion of just being free. From what? The illusions. \

Love, Karissma Yve