So OD.M.4 is finally out! These are some of the images that we shot especially for the print. We (the magazine) have been working with Marimekko since the start so we were quite familiar with the idea of doing a feature on the brand. The thought of using their prints as backdrop came to me a couple of years ago and now I finally got to realize it. I really love the result, I think it looks very cool and different. Maybe a bit psychedelic but that's all right with me :) You can get the mag at Papercut (Stockholm) or in our webbshop. It's a quite limited edition this time so don't slack of if you wanna get it before it's sold out.

Sandra shot the images, I did styling, Elva Ahlbin did make up and Sherin did hair. The model is Cosette.

Love, Michaela Widergren